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The Platform
for Option Traders

Over 10 years of development 
alongside professional option traders

One tool for all stages
Analysis, Trading and Risk Management

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Analysis Tools
Pre-trade and Post-trade

- Option Chain with realtime greeks
- Payoff charts
- Realtime greeks and volatility
- Scenario probability analysis
- Strategies backtesting
- Advances volatility analysis

Trading tools


- Historical charts and tools for options
- Depht of market book
- Sending and orders management
- Executions and portfolio data flow
- Custom watch lists

Risk Management


- Portfolio greeks
- Portfolio payoff charts
- Portfolio scenario analysis
- Hedging simulations
- Delta hedging
- Custom volatility management

June 4, 2012
New version Platinum 9.4 for private traders
February 15t, 2012
Free demo of 15 days for OptionCube Light

 October, 18th 2012
  Trading Online Expo: Stefano Zanchetta  as
  speaker of Borsa Italiana at Derivatives School

30 Marzo 2012

New book Trading in Opzioni...

May 8, 2011
OptionCube in the "Commercial Tool" of Interactive Brokers vai alla pagina

  June 13, 2012
  Cube Finance at Lugano Trading Forum
  2 gennaio 2011
  OptionCube Light on Borsa Italiana web site
  September 21, 2009
  OptionCube Educational on Borsa Italiana web site
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- Cube Return

To Option Traders:
- OptionCube Light
- OptionCube Platinum

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To Sim, SGR, Sicav, UCITS funds, banks, hedge funds, management companies:
- Portfolio Cub

To Sim, online brokers:
- Cube Risk Management